On faith and humanity

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Back in May, writer and artist Kenneth Zammit Tabona ended one of his Times of Malta contributions by stating that “Mattia Preti was to Valletta

Interview: Séf Farrugia

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She loves both salty and sweet tastes, wishes to visit Brasil and the Pink Panther is her favourite cartoon character. This interview had been sorted

Image Memories

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“The past is that which no longer acts, although in a sense it lives a shadowy and fleeting existence. It still is. It is real.

Interview: Matthew Farrugia

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Very often, you might have shared his photographs and hit the facebook ‘like’ button without actually knowing the man behind it all. Matthew Farrugia is

A fascinating ‘Desk’

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I tend to be criticized for being quite the cynic. Today, I’ve come to realize cynicism pays off. It fuels my otherwise mediocre spirit, when

Interview: Martin Bonnici

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The obsession was unveiled back in July 18 but Martin Bonnici has been dealing with his 3d movie making syndrome for quite a number of

Aerial point of views

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‘Mis-Sema ‘l Isfel’ is the title of a series of aerial photographs of Malta by Kris Micallef, which are currently being exhibited at the Malta

Real-life Hauntings

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The latest show at the Space2 gallery in Watford Museum, Hertfordshire, UK featured work by Malta born, UK based artist Mario Lautier Vella. The artist

Images of the Self

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Walking to St James Cavalier never got as ‘colourful’ as the day i first shook hands with Austin Camilleri – curator for ‘Wiċċ imb Wiċċ