GO’s Communications

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Currently in circulation throughout several media locally, these artworks were created by Christopher D’Esposito at TBWA/ANG for communications market leader GO Mobile. All four artworks were conceptualised, designed and written by Christopher, developing ties between headline and image to create concept.

The Nokia phone artwork maintains the established white canvas, the basis for all of GO’s communications, by changing the colour of the shirt (originally red) and using it as a background whilst keeping the phone in front. Making image work as both foreground and background. The short ‘dual’ headline reflects both the image and main message of the advert – the affordable price of the phone.

The concept for the first roaming advert was born through the discovery of the phone/chair image using an online stock-photo library. Some photo-editing and creative copy-writing later and the idea that low roaming call rates would put anyone more at ease came about.

The second roaming advert needed to communicate the distance that your mobile could cover when travelling. Using the image of the business traveller admiring her luggage. A mobile face consisting of screen and buttons was created using 3D software and applied to the top of the luggage. Amalgamating two items which are both travel companions and icons of the brief visual requirements – mobile communications and travel. It sure would be difficult to misdial on this phone.

The last visual is the bus shelter artwork for the Madonna/Music Store campaign. The supplied photo from Warner Bros. of Madonna was cropped from a colourful background and used over white to create strong impact and recognition alongside the strong but clear typeface of the GO brand – Avenir. This bus shelter piece was designed to communicate to both motor traffic and bus commuters waiting at the shelters. This was accomplished by segregating the motor traffic message area from the rest of the advert information. Whilst those at the bus shelter can read on further the smaller copy in more detail, the main headline and logo sign-off can be seen clearly by passing motor traffic.