Raphael Vella: Reading Cabinets

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The exploration of links between religion, fundamentalism and terrorism – is the main theme behind Raphael Vella’s latest installation Reading Cabinets – presented through a series of intricate and meticulously executed drawings.

Vella creates works that range from altered books to drawings, sculptures and multi-media installations. In recent works, Vella alters doctrinal texts, mainly English language textbooks used in Maltese secondary schools. In Student’s Catholic Doctrine, the physical structure of the book has been transformed by graphite marks and has started to become formless pulp.”

This installation, currently at St James Cavalier should be visited by the many to really explore what Vella has to question even on a local level. It should be a perfect trigger to self discerning for the maltese society. Vella had been setting the same reflections and asking the same questions last year at the Modern Art Oxford.

An excellent presentation based on red planes and minimalist containers but quite intricate contents. Very loud. A smell of paint is very evident as well.

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