Rebranding an Icon

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ICON, formerly known as ICON Studios, is one of Malta’s top web application development companies.

Lasting for almost 10 years, Icon’s previous brand image has now evolved into a bold new brand identity that reflects the company’s renewed commitment to providing cutting edge, creative and technically superior web solutions. In fact, it’s all about being remarkable. Remarkable in the creative solutions, in its commitment to provide unparalleled customer service and in its commitment to excellence.

Icon is seeking to give its clients that clever and fresh edge needed to push a product or service into the market rather than sticking to template-like, run-of-the-mill sites that are still present in the local web development industry.

Now that ICON has reached this level of maturity, the need is felt to stop and take stock of the company as a whole. The brand isn’t just for customers, but it also summarises a corporate culture for the benefit of the staff and partners. That’s why the image is fresh and approachable.

The launch of this new brand image is tied into a number of exciting new initiatives. Firstly, Icon has invested heavily in its web development capability, including an increase in headcount of 30% by the end of 2008, brand new, modern offices to cater for continued growth, as well as training programmes and incentives for all Icon team members. Secondly, Icon is currently developing a number of new, innovative software applications which will be delivered using the Software as a Service model.

Whilst led by Icon’s internal marketing division, the research and implementation of the rebranding campaign was entrusted to Visual Trends []. Visual Trends has been instrumental in its approach by seeking first a strong understanding of Icon’s current position and where Icon needed to be, long before the actual design of the corporate image started. This shows a responsible and a more than skin deep approach to rebranding.

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