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We are featuring a selection of Malta’s top freelance photographers; reminding that photography is about design, indeed.

Needless to say, REDWHITEmt aims at highlighting the variety of styles, approach, themes, thecniques and compositions of each of these artists.

1. Alexandra Pace |
Ladies first! Alexandra, fresh from her latest exhibition titled redprints describes herself as a self-taught artist. She specializes in contemporary portraiture, fashion and advertising photography. She is also very passionate about urban life.

2. Brian Grech |
He’s just 28, a graduate in Communications and Psychology, and has already been into design, photography and brand related services to a spectrum of various maltese and international companies. Watch Things photoshoot.

3. Denise Scicluna |
Denise, a psychology graduate, describes herself as a photographer, illustratrator, and a creator of crafts, googly eyes and little creatures. She is inspired by the simple, original and the weird. Her style accompanied the video “Pretty” by local band Scream Daisy.

3. Kenneth Borg |
Currently holding a joint exhibition titled girl;interviewed, Kenneth, 26, has an experimental approach to photography and is evidently inspired by his passion for filmography and theatre while story-telling with his camera.

4. Kris Micallef |
An architecture student at the University of Malta, Kris chases excellence while extravagently and creatively hopping from one fashion shoot into another.

5. Rene Rossignaud |
Apart from his dear family, Rene is truly in love with nature’s wonders. Qualified as a graphic designer, Rene is now into press photography. He chases events and personalities to immortalise those special moments.