The Naughty Ones

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Designed by Adolf Formosa, this brand-new release by Brikkuni titled Kuntra Banda (launched 16 November 2008 at Liquid Club, San Gwann) is neatly enclosed within a small sack pack; one the numerous good things about this project.

The layout features a mix of the modern and the “traditional”. This is mainly highlighted on the design of the included poster. On the front features a striking picture (by David Pisani) of a Good Friday roman centurian while the back is beautifully made up of a slick, well constructed typographic layout.

A dramatic photo of the 5-men band, set in a local home environment compliments the carton box into the whole package. With the traditional chair, grouse, long plays and the predominant linfa which adornes the ceiling, this photo is a good indication of what’s up for listening.