Voices 2008

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Starting up back in 1991 through a group of students from St Aloysius College, the 200-member Voices choir will this year feature at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, on October 1-5 and 9-13.

With the main theme being Youth, an emphasis on the different day-to-day realities faced by this age-group across the social spectrum will be put. Challenging aspects of some marginalised groups like child abuse, domestic violence, drug/substance abuse, institutionalised children, teenage pregnancies etc. will be questioned. “Tell Me Why” is the title of this year’s edition – why the poverty?, why the violence?, why the drugs?, why the ignorance?.

Designer Isabel Ripard from Izzy Inc Creative Solutions decided on a typeface that could portray a ‘rough’ feel to the overall campaign – Tiza. The design is also a progression from previous editions.

In the poster she uses a question mark which isn’t very prominent but is a follow-on from the slogan The question mark also symbolises the ear and the instantly makes us wonder whether there are enough ears to listen to these questions.
The child’s face looking through the symbol of the question mark/ear symbolises someone behind bars or hemmed in by life’s injustices. The colour palette used is more or less that applied for previous Voices campaigns, this time focusing more on the purples/violets contrasting nicely with the yellows and greens, thus giving the logo more impact.