"Apprezza" Campaign

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Apprezza is a national campaign set up by the Malta Tourism Authority aimed at promoting national pride and appreciation of Malta by highlighting the importance of tourism for the country’s economy, society and the environment. The project was conducted by the Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism.

Students attending Santa Tereza College, St Martin’s College and Chiswick House School are the protagonists of the video in which they express their enthusiasm towards the country and its culture.

These video advertisement produced by Studio 7. A website and mascot (Turu) will be used in an eight week summer school programme for kids. The campaign is being designed with the assistance of writer and illustrator Trevor Zahra.

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    Hi Bertrand,
    We always try to provide our readers with such information. Sometimes, not all the information is made available. In this case we did mention MTA as the mind behind the campaign.

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    We managed to confirm Studio 7 as the producers of the video.

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