Interview: Corinne Cutajar

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REDWHITEmt is glad to introduce Corinne Cutajar. Born & bred in Malta, Corinne, 31, is currently working at Peperosa Visual Design, Biella, Italy in partnership with: Sara Bocchini, Tessa Cerutti and Marielouise Denti. Her favorite design tools are her Muji notebooks and her pencils.

Corinne makes use of the Internet to keep herself updated on current trends. She gets inspired from anything that surrounds her and she keeps herself on the lookout for things that could come in useful, especially from the fashion world.

Favorite color and type
It depends on my state of mind (or the type of job I am handling). My all-time favorite font is Rotis, a typeface developed in 1988 by Otl Aicher, a German graphic designer and typographer. I have also been using slab fonts like Serifa recently. With regards to color, today I am into Pantone 583C.

When and how did you get your start in the industry?
After my diploma from the Art & Design Centre, I ventured into the world of graphic design by taking up different courses organized by Ren Spiteri at Bulldog Design. I was later employed at JP Advertising.

What do you most enjoy about being a graphic designer?
It takes more than just placing images and fonts nicely on a grid. Being given a request to communicate something can be very scary, yet it is also very challenging. I feel the best part of my job is the initial stage of a project, when you get a brief thrown at you and when all the research and brainstorming takes place. Coming up with good solutions that work can be very exciting.

Career highlight?
Launching my own communication company – Peperosa – is very gratifying.

What made you make a move to Italy?
I left Malta to do a Masters in Interaction Design at Domus Academy in Milan. I was later employed by the same school as a project assistant for the Masters in Design and I-Design.

What is the best part about your job?
Being able to communicate with, empathize with and understand the client. This will determine a good execution of a brief and an excellent project.

What is a graphic designer worse fear?
A graphic designer’s worst fear, as in all creative fields, is loosing his focus and inspiration. My mood affects my creativity and this is often reflected in my work. Dealing with difficult clients could sometimes lead to poor inspiration, but then again, solving problems comes along with the brief.

What is the hardest thing about the industry?
Communication design is attractive to people because they think they will be able to express themselves through it. Graphic design is mostly about understanding and creating what the customer needs. There is good and bad design. Anyone can learn to use design programs, but no one can teach you to be creative. Competition is healthy, but when you have to deal with ignorance, it is a totally different matter.

Should design target the global recession? How?
This economic crisis has hit most industries and no one knows exactly what this will lead to, however a strong brand presence becomes a survival strategy and successful communication design one of the most important differentiating tools for surviving in the market.

What’s the most challenging part of your work?
It is often hard to ‘sell’ your ideas. When doing communication design, you are providing a service, or at least this is how your customers will see you. It is all about the client not about you and this can be very frustrating for creative individuals.

What do you think of REDWHITEmt?
I think it is an excellent channel to bring together local talent, diffuse information from various design disciplines and create awareness on what is happening around us. Good job!

Special mention to any Maltese project?
There are many talented individuals and excellent organizations in Malta. There has been an enormous evolution in recent years in the art, design and architectural sector; with a wider awareness and sensibility to what is happening all over the globe. A project which I have been following online recently is Alexandra Pace’s space: N° 68, in St. Lucy Street, Valletta. It has a strong concept.

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