Interview: Daniel Mercieca

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Daniel Mercieca has been in the plans of REDWHITEmt for the past year. Finally we managed to get in touch with him and ask him a few questions. Mercieca’s (34, of Cospicua) preferred tools on his job are Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. He is currently working as a freelance graphic designer. His portfolio can be viewed at

Who/What inspired you for a start in the industry?
It was my art teacher, Ignat Konstantinov during private lessons. I didn’t have art as a subject at school. I was studying sciences and at the time was lost about which career direction to take. I started working at a pre-press company as a typographer at 17 and started exploring the possibilities from there.

You have been featured in international magazines including Macformat and Computer Arts. What got them attracted?
They particularly liked my illustration style for its use of contrasting gradient fills and the fusion of Freehand and Photoshop.

Which brand creations or campaigns in the past few years have you really admired locally? And which, you really didn’t admire at all?
I had really liked the sheep campaign ‘we smell good’ by Franks about 2 years ago. I usually admire local campaigns for their originality but am often let down. For example, i thought the ‘book your cinema tickets online’ campaign was pretty wicked until i received a postcard from Holland with the same picture of the lady with laptop sitting on the loo. It was from a friend who had visited that same photographic exhibition in Paris the previous year.

What are your memories of the Art & Design Centre in Valletta?
Nice ones. I still recall interesting long discussions with Mr Demicoli, the tutor. At the beginning over 30 students took up the course but 6 of us made it to the end of it. I also enjoyed walking back out of Valletta at night.

What should a young designer do to improve?
Travel, watch tv, read lots of magazines, stay updated to the latest software on the market, and practice at least one stress relief technique.

What is your favourite subject to illustrate?
I dont think i have a favourite subject. I enjoy illustrating anything i envisage.

Favourite music/band/music video
I enjoy pop, dance, rock and classic. My favourite artist is Madonna. My favourite band would be Travis. One of my old time favourite music videos is ‘True Faith’ by New Order.

If you could choose one local product for rebranding, which would that be and how would you tackle it?
‘Twistees’ is the first that comes to mind. My approach would be similar to that of presenting a mammoth installation piece in a modern art gallery.

MCAST is introducing degrees related to the field of graphic design in collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Do you think it’s the right way to go?
Well, i suppose better late than never!

How would you describe your style and approach to graphic design?
Tough question… Its like when you want a toasted sandwich you just place your sandwich in a toaster… if there’s a power cut, you flame it.

What do you think of REDWHITEmt?
I find it very interesting!

Special mention to any maltese project?
I’m currently working on the Malta Arts Festival’s posters, brochures, website etc… I should really get back to work!

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