It’s Fat Gold!

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REDWHITEmt met graphic designer Jon Calleja; (also featured back in June 2008.) one of the brains behind newly launched online tees shop
Fat Gold is meant to close, we mean, fill, the gap between people and their clothing; something that shouldn’t be. Here’s what Jon said about this exiting new project.

“Fat Gold is nothing but being ourselves. I always wanted to print tees when I was a kid (in the 80s and 90s), but between playing in a band, playing on a football team, handing in my school projects late and watching films like Back to the Future and Goonies ad infinitum, I never had time to actually do it. Then I met Ken (my partner in crime) and we started designing and producing tees mainly for ourselves and selling them at parties that we used to (and still) organise.

We only put stuff we love out there and every tee has a bit of us in it. Like the daft punk tribute and the live and die tee reflects our love for music… and the 100% fat free one reflects our other love for donuts and hot dogs…’Don’t go with the flow’ is our belief and ‘Never live without noise ‘ is what we will always believe in.”

Check it out… it’s so fresh, it’s