Screaaaam 4 Halloweeeeen

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Today, REDWHITEmt speaks to Lisa Falzon about her latest work; a poster for upcoming children’s Halloween musical Screaaaam 4 Halloweeeeen.

Lisa starts off about having to present a sketch to her clients: “I am a bit infamous for crude sketchesthat seem to only make sense to me, so I decided to block this one out in grayscale first rather than sticking to linework. This way they could get a better feel of the impact of the poster without dragging them in the chaos of colour.

Sometimes, depending on a whim, I work like this also when creating personal pieces that need to be compositionally strong, because in the initial phases grayscale gives a better sense of where the eye will rest and allows me to map out where best to have my lightsources.”

Mostly known as Meluseena through her online presence, Lisa was raised in Malta but currently lives in Ireland. She is an artist and illustrator and usually works through Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet pen.

“The principle is that of ‘blocking out colours in loose flat areas over my initial sketch and slowly refining it. I like to work from bright to dark but I know some artists prefer to work in the opposite direction. Though I keep adding highlights right till the end, I find having the brightest point set down from the start gives me more structure when dealing with my light composition.”

1/3 of the way through this poster Lisa felt the need to decide on the type to be employed and the composition had to be shunted up to make more room for dates, venue and sponsor information.

“I love the challenge of creating marketing and poster material… balancing the need to relay information via the imagery with the need to capture attentions first and foremost and allow room for type. It’s a bit like being an illusionist and creating a magic trick; drawing eyes and interests of your target audience.

Once a long time ago, someone had told me that illustration is all about solving problems in a visual manner and back then I did not understand… but now I do.”

Visit Lisa Falzon here

  • Jon Calleja

    Awesome illustration. The girl gots talent.

  • Joseph

    Teknikament togobni imma il hsieb wara kul stampa huwa hafna isbah !

  • Anthony

    wow… amazing work