The Patron Saints of Graphic Design

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St. Anxieté of Malta (martyr, patron of impossible deadlines & foamy coffee) features as one of the Patron Saints of Graphic Design in a set of illustrations and meticulously composed profiles by artist and graphic designer W.Lynn Garrett of Canada. The set also includes St. Concepta, St. Exacto, St. Pantone, St. Pixela and St. Typo.

A mysterious connection with Malta for this particular saint and a most hilarious and creative treat for all graphic designers worldwide. Visit the website here.

  • Anthony

    here is St Photoshop…. he does alot of miracles


  • Joseph

    pater noster …photoshop henn ghalina, corel draw isma it talb taghna, quark x press…. orapronobis, Mac os ….itlob ghalina, Vista…virgni imqadsa qabel it twelid !