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Tsek-tsik is a book event featuring ’10 and a half guests’ who will each get 15 images and just 20 seconds to chat about each image. After 20 seconds, the image will change to the next. This exercise is being organised by Merlin Library at MCC – Valletta this Thursday 12th November at 19.00 as part of the 25th edition of the Malta Book Fair.

REDWHITEmt asked artist Pierre Portelli to talk about the Tsek-tsik ident which he created. He was kind enough to reveal the whole recepie:

“The Brief for the Tsek-tsik logo was to create an identity which reflected the light-hearted fun element of the event it is being used for. Speed, creativity, fun, theatre were keywords. It was decided that zekzik (gossiping) would be spelt phonetically – it’s more graphical. Ts really had a sort of horizontal bracket underneath and this really reminded me of the smiley symbol. I also took the liberty to create some new ‘phonetic’ accents and markings that do not really exist, kicked around and flipped some lettering too. The rough red brushstroke as background tied all the elements together making the image more logo-like. I mixed all with a bit of fun and cooked for about an hour. I think it tastes good.”