Corinne Cutajar Features in MINI Wall Calendar 2010

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A few months ago had asked MINI Space members to interpret MINIMALISM in an artistic and philosophical way by designing an image for the MINI Wall Calendar 2010, which has now been published. Featuring in this calendar is a design by Corinne Cutajar (interviewed here last April) who only came across this competition by chance while browsing the internet.

Corinne’s ‘less is more’ approach is a product of her simple style which promotes an efficient use of white space to provide for a better communication. In her entry, Corsirella’s Mini 2, (centre) the Mini Cooper was reduced to a bare minimum form using just one line. Additionally, the word minimalism replacing the exhaust fumes does contribute to communicate an environmental statement in line with Mini’s philosophy.

Well done to Corinne from REDWHITEmt


  • Anthony

    well done Cors… love yr illsutration… very minimal 😉