La Senza’s “The Cup Size Choir”

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Bernard Magri (28) is a freelance digital designer located in London and working for a few advertising agencies. Magri was the mind behind La Senza‘s “The Cup Size Choir” viral video, which made it second top viral of the week on The Guardian earlier this month. He was also responsible for the general online aspect of the project.

Karmarama, the agency that deals mostly with Nintendo TV advertising, called in Magri for their first La Senza project. Their idea was that of a cup size choir… 7 girls with bra sizes A to G sing their respective music notes A-G. With it being intended as a Christmas viral, the girls ended up singing “Deck the halls”.

“I got Rauri Rochford to work on the coding whilst I directed the video shoot and designed the Cup Size choir logo. Later i set up the simple website interface, to allow focus on the girls and the products. Next came the individual loops and “pressed states” for the creation of a smooth interactive ‘piano’ transition which could then lend itself for users to record their own tunes and share them through social networks. Whilst shooting the girls, a guy was holding them on his back from underneath the bed. When instructed, he would dip and the girl would tune her respective note!

Working in these massive studios in north London (while Kylie Minogue was next door filming a commercial) was indeed a brilliant experience. Additionally it’s not that often for a designer to spend a day with seven girls running around in lingerie!”

The viral did really well and in the first week it had over a million hits and it was featured on the press worldwide. A blog post on on the first day exposed it to a wider international audience. Since it’s launch on December 1st it got over 2million hits and some interesting recordings such as Metallica’s “Nothing else Matters” and “Phantom of the Opera”.


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