Milkshake Magazine

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REDWHITEmt met fashion photographer Matthew Attard Navarro, the brain behind MILKSHAKE, following the launch of this fashion magazine, last February 16.

The local scene had been missing a content based women’s fashion magazine. Something that could cross boundaries in which other magazines seemed to have been stuck in locally.

“I wanted to do something a bit more daring and basically focus more on the content rather than it being an advertising driven tool.”

Attard Navarro had been running Platinum Love, an online fashion magazine for teenagers and the young at heart for the last 3 years. The project did very well, especially on an international scale, yet he always wanted to run a fashion magazine catering for a woman’s world.

“The magazine is very photography oriented in an effort to push forward current styles & trends. The initial team was me & the editor, Tom Rohan who had worked abroad as a celebrity stylist. However we enrolled a small amount of contributors, some of which I had worked with before.”

The Technique & Production
“Financing a magazine from one’s pocket is never easy, however, I had to take the risk as no other local publisher would.”

Attard Navarro teamed up with Tom Rohan whom he happened to meet in Malta. His previous work experience in the foreign fashion scene & my own experience in design & photography turned out as an excellent concoction for the success of the project.

Sales & The Launch & response
“The launch was very well received, with a turn out of around 200 people. All thanks go to Jon Sterling & Boy Kills Girl for the amazing tunes & to Riot who hosted us.
Sales had started as soon as the magazine was put on pre-order. The rate of the sales is going strong and we are aiming for the last batch of magazines to be gone in another few weeks! So It’s good.”

MILKSHAKE is for people who love fashion, who love art. Design wise the magazine is going towards more of a newspaper look while sticking a bit to a classy & up market feel.

“We plan on flying abroad and getting foreign recognizable models down to Malta for the shoots. We have been featured on many international blogs already and we’re glad that people appreciate the effort we put into it, and the hours of love for the product. MILKSHAKE, iIt definitely doesn’t lack flavor!