Patches of Creativity

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Some thought PATCHES was just about setting up a market and selling. It isn’t. PATCHES is meant to sparkle a much-deserved light on another branch in the local contemporary art scene where talented artists, designers, stylists, and craftspeople meet ends at one destination. An event where the makers of beautiful things meet the eyes of anyone who is motivated to appreciate the quality of handcrafted and locally designed items.

The lack of appreciation towards crafts and independent creative individuals or artists, triggered Denise Scicluna and Jimmy Grima to give life to PATCHES:

“The lack of craft fairs and markets made us feel there is truly something missing. Both Jimmy and myself feel that this art scene is not given the attention it requires. We want to let people know about these artists, who work with passion to create their products. So we hope that Patches will fill in that gap – that missing something.” says Denise.

The first edition of PATCHES, which took place on June 13th at the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta, was a huge success. Buyers met the artistic brains directly behind their purchased product.

“There was definitely something special about the atmosphere, and we aim that the second edition of PATCHES would be even better. We are lining up a set of new names along those who already made it for the first edition”

PATCHES will be held on Sunday the 25th of July starting at 5pm, once again at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, in Valletta. The event is being curated by Denise Scicluna and Jimmy Grima. For more information visit PATCHES on facebook.