Project NINE

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Project NINE, launched last Monday, November 29, is a newly established business offering web development services and creative designs. REDWHITEmt contacted Clive Ciappara, the mind behind this project and got a closer look.

“Project NINE will be satisfying basic web design requirements for small to medium enterprises. It is our understanding that various IT companies do provide an excellent service, yet we think the costs are not always affordable by such enterprises – and same goes with any upgrades.

Clients can start off by purchasing a basic layout from Project NINE’s website which can later be upgraded with extra features that will be made available. PRO packages and a wider range of templates will also be made available. As of January 2011, any agency which “Starts with NINE”, will also have a mobile site set up for free.”

Project NINE is aiming at continuous development, thus the word “Project”. Website templates and features will be made into the essential simplicity, to ease functionality. The possibility for any client to expand the website at his convenience is a strong point for this product. At €9 a month, Project NINE should definately position itself inline with its competition.