Shooting Napoleon

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Skimmed can be traced back in some dark bar when teenagers Alex, Daniel, Fede and Chris Toffer were faithfully following local bands such as Totema, Lumiere, BNI, Beangrowers and Dripht. These sparked a yearning to one day be on such a stage. The dream came true in 2007 and on 9 July of this year they also launched their debut video for upcoming single ‘Napoleon‘ followed by a live performance at Rookies, Bugibba.

REDWHITEmt met Alexandra Aquilina, the brains behind the video. Through her enthusiasm, Alexandra provided us with some interesting facts, ideal for the most curious.”I had clear ideas for all scenes, costumes and all other accessories and compiled them through sketches into a storyboard.”Moira Zahra and Eleonora Rose Abela assisted with suggestions for a few shots that could portray the band in a performing environment so as to capture their energy. The band members were initially skeptical about the idea, much worried that yet another “performing band” video was in the pipeline, but the results confirm otherwise.

The video was set up in the properties of both Moira and Eleonora’s families; an abandoned townhouse in Mosta and a typical maltese farmhouse in the limits of Luqa. The end scene was shot at Ta’ Qali and shooting was done while the nation was busy dealing with Pope Benedict’s visit.

“It was indeed funny but difficult dealing with the busy roads and to chase the running members with a camera while so many cars were passing by on an otherwise quiet road.”

“We aimed for a low budget video that would still look good and a bit more polished than our actual garage sound. The farmhouse in Luqa had no electricity. Our friend Emerson Vella ended up targeting a mini spotlight onto us as we performed in a dark space. We used the spotlight for other scenes but otherwise sunlight came to our rescue. In order to maximise that free facility, we made plans to wake up early in the morning and pack only as the sun set by around 18:00hrs.”
Alexandra’s took care of her make up and the boys’ eyeliner while Justine Tonna took time to work on Aquilina’s hair and fitting in the teacup provided by Moira’s grandma.

Trivia for the curious ones: the man behind the pig mask was Chris Cassar, vocalist of upcoming band Saving Alexis. Video edited by Moira and Eleonora through Final Cut.

Listen to Skimmed here.