The New Ford KA Advertising Campaign

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“Sweeping lines, chunky proportions and new colours perfectly capture the new Ka’s personality outside. And it’s just as eye-catching inside.”

The original KA caused quite a stir when it first appeared on international roads – that is why local agency MPS Marketing Communications had to come up with a campaign which could recreate the hype for the funky, friendly and fantastic to drive car for the local market.

With Ira Losco as testimonial celebrity, the campaign aims at affirming awareness, appeal, and relevance to the brand’s image. As an anecdote Ira’s celebrity pin-up, futuristic and rock styling definitely works wonders on consumers, young and older.

The campaign design layouts focus on creating an interaction between the human and the car, the desires and the must-haves. Very slick layouts, with an emphasis on space, direct the consumers sweetly from one Ira to the other deep into the KAr. After all, it’s all about her.

Direction: Alan Paris
Hair: Michelle at ROOTS
Makeup: Nicola Powell
Photography & Retouching: Tonio Lombardi
Styling: Luke Engerer

A behind the scene blog entry by Alan Paris can be found here.