Contemporary Dialogue with Violence

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This Tuesday 6th December, St James Cavalier in Valletta will be hosting an artist’s talk with Baptiste Debombourg in which the artist will tackle the subject “Contemporary Art in Dialogue with violence” through his research and his work on this subject.

Baptiste Debombourg‘s work seeks to come to grips with the present increasingly precarious social and economic environments, overwhelmed with violence and terrorism. He offers a multimedia reflection on the violence that is fed to us through the news and the our experience of such violent times.

Faced with this rise in violence, it is clear that human expression is becoming more and more radical in its various forms. With social networking communication today is fast and allows the exchange of ideas. It also helps shape our outlook on the world we live in.

This is where Debombourg poses his questions; when and in what context do artists draw inspiration from this violence and appropriate it? How do they transform it into creative energy? What is the difference between defending a cause or expressing an idea or concept, and the notion of committed art?

Debombourg is exhibiting alongside Raphael Vella in the Upper Galleries of St James Cavalier between December 9, 2011 and January 15, 2012. The historical defensive base is now a hub for such bridging of thoughts, reflections and cultures. As explained in the exhibition profile:

“Aux Armes is naturally a clarion call, a political statement replete with a kind of patriotism that is viewed with some irony in the West and yet has recently been revived with a great deal of earnestness in the Arab Spring. Aux Armes is about the appropriation of political statements and monumental forms that perhaps have lost some of their power in Western societies, about architectural forms that compartmentalise life and transform themselves into treacherous weapons, and about the innocent and anonymous faces of children who grow into political leaders who lose their anonymity (and perhaps their innocence).”

The seminar will start at 7pm in the Music Room and will feature an illustrated presentation and an open discussion with the audience.

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