Cables in Their Head

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Cow Head is the latest single by Cable 35, from their album which was launched yesterday at V-Gen in Paceville. The music video for this track (see below) is an outright fun, colourful and psychedelic 60’s and 70’s rush. Much effort and creative attention was dedicated by the guys for this low-budget, d.i.y., “old school” video.

Frontman Jeffrey Zerafa, gave us a hindsight on the project.

We went through some 60’s & 70’s music videos and TV programs like The Monkeys show, The Banana Splits, the Batman TV Series and late 60’s music videos from artists like the Beatles, Small Faces and the Kinks in search of inspiration.

The decision was to shoot a video faithful to old techniques such as reverse image, super imposition, colour saturation and fast-forward.

Speaker man wanted to be part of this so we gave him the part of “the voice in my head.”

Cable35 have played a number of gigs around Europe over the past couple of years playing Liverpool and Birmingham in 2007, Copenhagen in 2008, Italy, Belgium and England (Hygiene Tour) in May and June 2009 and Birmingham again in 2010. This experience have triggered them to invest creatively into their music videos, in a bid to appeal to the wider market.

“We came up with a simple story board made of a number of ideas for the scenes, but we also improvised a few others snaps during the actual shooting which took place in one enjoyable day.”

Cable35 acted simple; the spinning effect in some scenes was achieved by fitting a camera to a common battery powered electric drill. Each member took turns to film each other in different situations. A couple of silhouette shots were affected outside to complete the video with a blending surreal atmosphere.

Cable35 was formed in 2006 by Jeffrey Zerafa (Guitar & Vocals), Kriz Zahra (Bass & Vocals) and Chris Mallia (Drums).

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  • claudia

    these guys are really talented. interesting feature!!