Colouring the President’s Palace

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Thanks to an 18-month project commissioned by President George Abela the newly restored kitchen gardens at San Anton Palance in Attard were made accessible to the public last week. The place was embellished with new paving, new furniture, artistic lighting, a cafeteria and a playing area in which illustrator Mark Scicluna’s intervention definately stands out.

Answering a brief which requested a mural to be revamped through illustration, Mark re-interpreted a typical Maltese rural landscape into a colourful and playful scenery. The brief also asked the artist to come up with an attractive and accessible illustration which the younger generations could relate to.

“Bold colours and quirky, playful shapes were used to attract children. Animals were also included since the gardens will be hosting a number of species for children to see and interact with”

Following the brief, Mark sketched down his ideas and picked the appropriate style. During that phase, both pencil sketches and Photoshop renders were created to develop further the ideas which investigated children’s fantasy of colour and form.

“When it came to final execution, the proportions of the actual artwork was crucial. Since it was quite large compared to previous works i had done, i decided to work in vector graphics to ensure best quality.”

Mark’s final artwork (as seen below) was printed in 7 parts and mounted in place to cover the playground wall. Mark (24) is currently working on his career as a freelance illustrator and a full-time assistant graphic design lecturer at the MCAST Institute of Art and Design.

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