Commemorative Coin Design Competition

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of euro notes and coins in 2012 the European Commission will be launching a competition for a design to feature on a common commemorative coin to be issued by all euro area Member States. Over 330 million people in 17 EU countries now use the euro. Aspiring participants can check out the preliminary details in English or Maltese.  More details regarding the launch should be made available towards the end of this month by the European Commission. REDWHITEmt will make sure to keep you informed.


Citizens of an EU Member State whose currency is the euro and are at least 12 years old by the end of 2011, can submit a design proposal through the website. The design should illustrate the single currency itself, and its benefits. The competition will run for about 3 weeks, starting later this month and participants can only submit one design. Apart from seeing his/her design on millions of circulating euro coins, the winner will be awarded a high-value collector’s set of euro coins.

Selection of winning design
People who are citizen of an EU Member State whose currency is the euro or are living in the euro area will vote for the winner from a selection of entries chosen by a professional jury. The web-vote will take place over about three weeks in June, with the winning design announced by 30 June. The commemorative coin bearing the winning design will be issued by all 17 euro-area countries early in 2012.

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