Commemorative Euro Coin Design Competition [update]

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As indicated last April 13, REDWHITEmt is back with more information about the euro coin design competition.

The event is being set up to celebrate 10 years since the introduction of euro banknotes and coins as the common monetary unit for european countries. On this anniversary, the 17 euro-area Member States have decided to issue a commemorative 2-euro coin intended for circulation with a common design on the national side.

Citizens of all EU Member States whose currency is the euro and you are or will be at least 12 years old by the end of 2011, can submit their design proposal via the official website between 29 April and 20 May.


Citizens of, or who live in, an EU Member State whose currency is the euro will be able to vote for the winner from a selection of entries chosen by a professional jury who will pre-select the 5 best designs. This will then be put up for a vote on June 6. Residents of euro area countries will be asked to submit their vote for the winning design. The winner will be announced on June 30.

The winning design proposal, will be re-produced on millions of euro coins that will circulate in all euro-area Member States from next year.

REDWHITEmt wishes good luck to all those readers who will participate.