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‘A Depot of Living Things’, a storytelling project which brings together both traditional and digital storytelling, came to a close on Saturday 12th March with a storytelling event and a book launch both called eeeeeee!

eeeeeee!, the book, is an artist book incorporating multiple interventions done by hand by a number of different collaborators. These include textual layers, hand-drawn infographics, cut-outs and flowers stuck to the pages complimenting the textual narratives. Each book is ‘adulterated’ according to Calleja, branded by the uniqueness of every hand-made intervention.

The dominating thread in all the books and the storytelling session of the 12th March is a revisiting of the David-Goliath relationship, reinterpreted in the language of love, complimentarity and interdependence.

‘A Depot of Living Things’ treats narratives as organic tales told, heard or silently harvested by people in a number of diverse contexts; that gossipy half-sentence heard on the bus stop, that reassuring wink of the no-longer-pretty air hostess, those loaded silences of a teenage mind, all the fleeting images of the internet and the mental landscape with its moods and colours. eeeeeee! explores the ever-changing interaction between these elements.

The book is published by Pubblikaturi AWL.

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