Fairytale Banking

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Encouraging people to embark on the process of home ownership financed through a bank loan can be a daunting challenge – especially in the light of the recent global economic turmoil. An indvidual or couple’s decision to opt for a home loan carries significant consequences. Yet the rewards are lifelong.

JPA was entrusted with the task of communicating the message that though owning a home can be an intimidating step, Bank of Valletta can help. The agency presented three different concepts to the BOV marketing team. The most daring option – a witty adaptation of Fairy Tales – was opted for.

Why Fairy Tales? This is what REDWHITEmt queried about.

Being universally recognisable, Fairy Tales enabled the possibility of introducing surprising twists relevant to the respective Home Loan category. For instance a lamp is instantly recognised as the Genie’s residence in “Aladin”. Mermaids typically inhabit aquatic environments with ample roaming space. Snow White finally reunites with her beloved prince and lives happily ever after in a palace. And so on.

The artworks (conceptualised and executed by Julian Mallia) exploit these assumptions and take them to the next level. The genie now contemplates buying an additional lamp. The mermaid is in dire need of home refurbishment. Snow White and her prince approach their new, humble, dream home complete with two traditional “gallariji”.

As Julian Mallia explained, “The visuals on their own might be baffling and require some decoding from the viewer. But once the tag line is read, the advert suddenly makes sense. The emphasis here is to involve – hence transforming the viewer into an active participant rather than a passive recipient. It is this rewarding involvement that delivers BOV’s message amiably”.

The campaign suggests that there is still such a thing as a happy ending. There is still hope. There is still purpose in a nuclear family structure with an asset of its own that helps it ensure greater financial security and find its way on out into the future.

The artworks were created using a graphics tablet and were used for print media including press adverts, billboards and bus shelters. Blaze Productions skilfully adapted the concepts to four 10-second TV commercials that are being shown regularly on local stations.

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