In a Hurry

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Maybe it’s because they describe themselves as “a restless indie folk band”, the reason why director Rebecca Cremona came up with the concept for the music video of “In a Hurry”; Stalko‘s latest track.

The exquisite document, produced by Cremona in summer 2010, is indeed not as simplistic as it might look.

Just as in any form of art, the experience of man translates into a canvas, a dance or music, Cremona interprets the frustrations of the consumerist super-fast life into a metaphor of aging and fading.

Equally comfortable in being minimal or grand, Stalko, who set up last year, introduced uplifting, destructive and mostly bittersweet tunes in the local music scene. Keen about the band’s “elegantly unkempt” image, Cremona worked on striking compositions and juxtaposed stills and movements, in visuals about blossoms and droughts.

Asked about the concept behind the video, band member Tim Ellis, told REDWHITEmt “everything is getting old so quickly because we move too fast and the things we want most in life we end up losing, mostly because of all the other useless things we have to focus on.”

Much to think about there.

Simone Spiteri
David Vella – Temple Studios
Rebecca Cremona
Chris Freilich
Editor & DIT:
Daniel Lapira
Editor & Colourist:
Martin Bonnici
Jean Pierre Gatt
Production Designer:
Nina Gerada
Dolly Grip:
Robin Naudi
Lara ‘Bella’ Vella
Live Sound:
Alex Bundalo

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