Interview: Annabelle Spiteri

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Annabelle Spiteri elaborates on traditional elegance and material to morph her ideas into something more fluid. Organic shapes have claimed their rightful place in her inspiration, hand in hand with femininity. Strength, Power, Security and Fun are also special ingredients moulding her inspiration.

Annabelle Spiteri
Fashion Designer
Mosta, Malta

The force of fantasy is often so surprisingly intense and grand that it is actually inconceivable unless really experienced.

She believes that in order to know where you are going, you also have to remember where you come from, so her creations are a marriage of styles from the past entwined with the present. Her standard philosophy is to create wearable clothes that people feel comfortable in and want to buy. She made it clear to me that her greatest satisfaction is to make women happy. Seeing models radiant in her creations entrances her into a sense of satisfaction and success. Putting it mildly, she is a perfectionist in her work, when presenting her work on a model she settles for nothing less than the best in every detail of that creation.

At the age of sixteen her best friend was the sewing machine. She spent most of her time practising and experimenting on her ideas, elaborating on what she had managed to learn from various sources including a drafting course at the Arts and Design Centre. Six years ago she decided to consolidate her talent and started a fashion design course. She believes that experience is paramount but technique in tailoring is a must. The more she studied the more she realised that there is no limit to what one can do and create. Through this experience and the newly acquired knowledge in colour and figure, she blended everything into her fantastic collections of new designs. Annabelle strongly felt that it was time for her to get involved in the fashion industry and let her experience and energy loose by creating Kaii Couture.

After this bold step, she got further involved with Infashion Malta, where she took the opportunity to showcase her work in fashion shows both locally and in London, participating in the Top Model UK, one of the top campaigns in Britain, where Kaii Couture was given the privilege to show 2 collections on 2 nights and also be part of the closing show. Annabelle is convinced that her work is mostly appreciated beyond Maltese shores and though she values her local experience she believes that her creations are more in demand internationally, where she intends to concentrate her efforts.

Annabelle’s expectations are higher now than ever before after her successful experience in London. Being a very down to earth person and having set her dreams and passion, Annabelle always keeps an open mind for inspiration. She is determined to keep her eyes and ears open to what she finds interesting so as to keep the process of her designs alive and in demand. While seeing herself moving into the fast lane, she understands that there are always exciting new designers emerging with new ideas. She respects that and feels quite ready to collaborate with other artists ready to share their talent. She also feels that by now her passion for fashion is her life and through her family support she intends to make the most of it.

Asked about her true feeling regarding art and fashion, (always in my quest to understand her true force and inspiration), she answered me with an excited “illlll…” a very bold Maltese statement roughly translated “Wowwwww”, clearly showing how deeply she believes it.

Kaii Couture has statement pieces, where style is defined by expression found in the inner self. The magic is having enough self confidence to dare and reflect who you really are on the inside.

Annabelle Spiteri is working hard to put some of that magic in the Maltese fashion market and satisfy the dreams of all those wishing to freely express themselves. Her advice to all those following their dreams is simply be bold and “go for it”.

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