MCA16 – Austin Camilleri

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Austin Camilleri (b. 1972) is an artist specialising in video, installation, sculpture and painting. MCA 16 is the latest local exposure for the artist. These ten iconic artworks bring about a sense of protest, confrontation and uprising. With the use of various medium, namely acrylics, oils, pastels, shellac, pencil, ink, graphite and collage, Camilleri pictures his arguments on linen or cotton.

The female figure, the Pope, reality tv, God (God is Chinese?), newborns and Santiago are all ingredients for Camilleri’s scenarios, that may well trigger both delight and/or mystery. Surely, a good source of inspiration.

  1. Days of the cool
  2. Days of the cool II
  3. Pasodoble
  4. O Zahir
  5. Don’t sting the mosquito
  6. Mamma Roma
  7. Wish you were here
  8. The fourth one is hiding
  9. Summer night, with French profile, almond eyes and a scent of basil
  10. You used to be so definite

The exhibition has been open at at MCA in St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity – Valletta, since Friday, 26 November 2010. Closure has been postponed till February 18 coming.

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