Culture Schemes

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The Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, Environment and Culture has just launched two initiatives that should be creating opportunities for schools and young people.

Culture Card is a new initiative intended to Encourage and support young people to engage in cultural and artistic activities. The Culture Card will credit around 15,000 young people in the first three years of secondary school with €15 to be utilised for entertaining, fulfilling, challenging and exciting cultural activities and artistic productions.

The scheme will also incentives cultural producers to commission new work and programme cultural and artistic activities devised specifically for young people.

Whilst investing in new audiences through the cultural demand the Cultural Card will be promoting culture and the arts as an entertaining, fulfilling, challenging and exciting activity for young people.


Kreattiv is a new funding programme that brings together creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students to inspire, learn and create in a collaborative and innovative way!

It is part of Government’s commitment to engage educators and creative practitioners in dialogue and collaboration that encourage students and educators towards further engagement within the creative sector. Government has committed €80,000 to the KREATTIV fund. A maximum of €5,000 shall be awarded to every selected proposal, which amount is to be used over a 12-month period.

Guidelines for both schemes together with application forms and other information can be found in the MCCA Website.

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