Neville Ferry (1945-2011)

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Following the news of the passing away of leading ceramist Neville Ferry, 65, on March 28, REDWHITEmt asked Kenneth Zammit Tabona for a few words about the outstanding man and artist.

“Besides being an admirer of Neville Ferry’s ceramics, I liked him so much as a man. Our sporadic meetings trying to set up an Artists Association held in my dining room and fuelled by Pimms or Prosecco were lightened by Neville’s acute and witty observations. Nothwithstanding the fact that the association never quite took off for reasons I am not entirely sure of, the meetings, which Neville attended regularly were always great fun.
I will miss him.”


Gabriel A.Pellegrini described Ferry as “a childhood friend, a great artist of integrity, intelligent, honest and with a kind heart” through his blog and described this as a great loss for art lovers and Malta. An interesting feature about the intense career of Neville Ferry is Symbols of the ‘spiritual’ unconscious (2007) by Louis Laganà for The Times of Malta.

At REDWHITEmt we also had the opportunity to meet this gentleman, thus we join to give his family our sincere condolences.

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