Student Spotlight: Andrea Meli

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During the last MCAST Art & Design end of year exhibition held last June, Marie Claire Cremona, REDWHITEmt ‘s latest addition to the team of contributors, came across an animation featuring the evolution of the institute of Art & Design which got her hooked. This prompted her to research the mind behind it and to share her discovery with our readers.

Andrea Meli
13th March 1991
Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design (Year 2) at MCAST Art & Design
Portfolio: and
Areas of Interest:
2D + 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Branding
Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premier and Maxon Cinema 4D
Anything; music, images and experiences

Andrea Meli is reading through his second year in Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design at MCAST. Back in 2005 he decided to follow his passion for animation and started experimenting. A year later he switched to Photoshop and then he also began experimenting with Cinema 4D. Lately he also got in tune with other software from the Adobe Creative Suite.

Started traditional drawing at a young age, but nowadays Andrea dedicates more time to the digital medium. He believes that “developing the idea is as important as the final image/animation I create.” and that is why he still revert to his sketching before actually creating the final image.

This is where the actual experience at MCAST Art & Design comes into practice; indeed the creative process is as important as the final output. Starting off with an initial concept around a theme and composition is a starting point followed by sketching. The most faithful sketch is then scanned and used as a foundation for the digital reconstruction.

When the image is almost done, “I start to add other tiny details to make the picture look more interesting and feel more ‘complete’.”

When asked to describe his style, Andrea said that he tends to modify his style quite often, be it to accommodate an idea he has or to better suit a theme he would like to explore. However, he generally uses a highly stylized and ‘colourful’ vector style for his personal illustrations. Frequently, he also tends to illustrate something surreal or abnormal – “even when I decide to depict something realistic, I always opt to include a surreal element to make the image more interesting, both to work on and to see.”

He refers to Behance and other online portfolios for inspiration. Other illustrators he keeps an eye on are Jared Nickerson, Andreas Krapf and Christiano Siqueira. These do inspire his style whilst artists like Daniel Dociu trigger so many ideas for character design.

Andrea would like to see an increase in the use of animation on local TV programmes, since, very few rely solely on animation to put forward their message/story.

He finds it a little hard to pick one particular skill to focus on after completion of the course, since he likes many aspects of graphic design. “Graphic design is a vast term. Being able to work on every aspect of graphic design would be great; however, my dream job would be working as an animator with a studio, both for commercials and for features.”

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