Tacsum’s Humanoids

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Meeting with Ritty Tacsum, had to be postponed for various logistical reasons. Yesterday, we visited St James Cavalier where the young artist, anagraphically known as Ritianne Muscat, curated by Lisa Gwen, made her public debut through a set of photographic imagery juxtaposed with a number of small installations.

REDWHITEmt finds Ritty’s premiere surprisingly exciting. With her random inspirational sources ranging from movies, music and religions to supermarkets, hospitals, strange people and personal experiences, she indeed acts like a “mirror of her dream-sequences” as explained on her facebook event page.

“I try to carry a notebook and a pen wherever I go. Sometimes I get more inspired, depending on my mood. I have to confess that I love messed up situations as they give me outlandish ideas.”

Ritty’s notebook is packed with sketches and writings which are queuing up for her to give them life. These are usually drawn first thing in the morning following some soliciting dream. Some of her photos were actually conceptualised as such.

“I draw/write my dreams (the ones I remember) first thing in the morning and then the whole process starts; contacting people, looking out for the ideal locations, props, etc.”

The human mind and the distinct stories of each and every human are the trigger to Tacsum’s emotional strings. During her photoshoots, she loves to get to know her models and to notice how differently each person reacts to questions, statements or directions.

“I started photography to express myself. Nowadays my goal is to change the idea of hackneyed photography. I’m fed up of seeing the same concepts by different photographers. I want people to be more daring and put an “end” to all these conventional images.

Another thing that really bugs me is that people with an SLR think they’re photographers/artists. I’m confident there’s more to it than just purchasing a good camera.”

We discussed her works in terms of cakes. Ritty was clear: “Sometimes it’s about the decoration, sometimes it’s about the taste.” She points her finger to her mood – more into decoration when happy but tends to dig deeper into the recipe when she’s on a low.

“At times I get both from the same shoot, however, I always end up picking the pictures that look “bad”.”

Ritty remarked that she is “happy” for her colleagues who are engulfed in the current modelling/fashion trend. Is she being ironic there?

Her facebook pages have been boasting numerous comments, likes and shares since the launch. Seems like the experimentation gave way into the perceptions and the audience can still relate to the “dark, often intimate” weird concepts. Reference to Placebo music in artwork titles such as “Protect me from what i want” give us an idea of the musical styles she is into.

Standing free, and expressing herself freely, unafraid of the world’s eyes is the key to Ritty Tacsum’s success so far. “I would rather have a few followers who like me for what I love doing than to be liked for something I hate”

Ritty Tacsum and her Humanoids will be open at St James Cavalier till October 30.

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