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REDWHITEmt is enthusiastic to feature the new Spring 2011 French Connection Campaign. This time, the campaign is set in the Maltese Islands and while it continues to question what it means to be a Man or a Woman, one can enjoy a few alternative and sometimes, fun(ny) twists to aspects of the Maltese daily living.

“You are Man?” and “You are Woman?” follows on from the two award winning 2010 campaigns featuring French Connections’ “The Man” and “The Woman”.

As dictated in the official campaign brief: “For two weeks, French Connection set up THE MAN CAMP on the Isle of Malta and THE WOMAN CAMP on the Isle of Gozo and dared our ambassadors to discover what it meant to be a Man or Woman in the 21st century.

Exploring ideas of how gender and society dictate how we are meant to act, we asked them to perform a series of tasks (ride a horse in the sea, look spectacular atop an inflatable animal, dance on piano keys, wrestle a biker, the list goes on)– all of these were captured on film to help define whether “You are Man?” Or “You are Woman?”, we also like to think it pushed the boundaries of fashion photography and was pretty fun too.”

And here are the short videos:

French Connection’s latest campaign can be seen here.

French Connection – Malta on Facebook

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