The Old Buses are Back

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It was April fool’s of last year when REDWHITEmt interviewed Chiara Bonello, Mark Scicluna, Julian Mallia and Glenn Grech about their prototype project Bus Bosses Tribute Cards Game. Some might have thought that channeling frustration from a bus ride into such a creative, colorful and playful product was just a fool’s far-fetched ambition.

Since 2010, the Bus Bosses Team has carried out research and observations of a number of bus-driver stereotypes, typical motifs found adorning buses, decorations (tberfil) and characteristic typography. Basing on the improved findings, the prototype has now been refined into a packaged, 32-card game and it is being launched at Patches market in Valletta tomorrow. A memorable by-product of the frustration experienced by both drivers and passengers in the pre-Arriva era.

“It all started last year as a student group-project during the final year in a Graphic Design and Interactive Media degree course. We identified the old public transport system and the culture it generated as a particularly interesting interaction platform on which to base a playful tribute-card game.

The lengthy, preparatory process involved numerous bus rides, photos, sketches, notes, meetings and loads of coffee. The end result was a collection of 14 cards featuring fictional bus-driver characters complete with a character profile and scoring criteria like “punctuality”, “loudness”, “courtesy” and “decoration”. The prototype was an instant viral success on the internet but we had to shelf it for a while in order to complete our studies.” told us Julian Mallia.

A year has passed and the public transport reform is over and done whilst the old culture has been made to dissolve away.

“We now created an official logo and introduced accompanying motifs as well as innumerable other improvements in order to create a 32-card pack ready to be sold as a tribute to the unforgettable public-transport culture and respond to the widespread feeling of nostalgia which is already growing.”

You may purchase your own Bus Bosses set, tomorrow, Sunday 10th July 2011 at Patches Market, Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta from 4:30 pm to 10:00pm. You can also find the game on facebook.

The Bus Bosses Team is made up of (as in photo):

Mark Scicluna:
Illustrations of Bus Drivers
Glenn Grech:
Logo Design, Layout Design and Packaging
Chiara Bonello:
Typography and Packaging
Julian Mallia:
Illustrations of Motifs and Character Profiles

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