Three Girls for Regeneration

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The Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, with the support of Government, has been working on a project to regenerate Strait Street in Valletta and transform it into a hub of creative industries through the setting up of an incubator for cultural and artistic enterprises. This, as part of a European project to create ‘cultural incubators’ in six Unesco World Heritage cities.

The organization identified The Splendid – a run-down old Guesthouse in Strait Street, Valletta – to host a collective exhibition that would launch the project. The organization also identified Karolina Musiol (Poland), Flavie Torsiello (France) and Linda Smith (Germany) to coordinate the launch, identify artists and set up the venue. With the support of Jason Masini, the girls managed to sort out the event in the few weeks allocated to them.

REDWHITEmt met the girls at the same venue and asked them a few questions about their experience and their impressions about the local scene.

Karolina Musiol, lives in Berlin, and is studying in Germany. Organising events is what she wants to do in the future. She is very passionate about arts and keeps painting as her favourite hobby.

This event is Flavie’s first experience abroad after her first year of work, back in France. She told us this is a big opportunity for her in perspective to her artistic or communications studies next year. She enjoys meeting artists and living the organisation side of an exhibition.

Linda Smith is an event manager and she made it here in Malta to gain further work experience. In the past, she promoted some exhibitions through her father’s galleries in Berlin. She also promoted music festivals and concerts in Berlin, some of which connected with Street Art. Back home, she works in a collaboration with various artists, musicians and event managers.

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