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When only six days remain until the end of the year, conflicting emotions appear on different individuals. December 25 – whilst many celebrate Christmas Day with their family, others have sorrowful memories of loved ones whom they lost on that same day. Based on a true story, this is the sorrowful script; a journey that takes us in a traditional Christmas lunch setup where things get out of hand even on a supposedly special day.

“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”

Director Karl Alin Galea studied film at Raindance Film School – London in 2007, which primarily contributed to his networking. He greatly believes in the local talent and made this one of the aims behind the short film: to have numerous Maltese professionals working together. The final cut will be participating in various short film festivals, both local and international. Karl informed us that ChrisMissed was selected to take part in the Manhattan Short Films Festival.

He believes that dedicating time and energy on each of his projects is a must. He is currently directing and producing ‘Il-Pupu’ and ‘The Empty Bed’ (Karl Alin Pictures). Both, currently in post-production phases, are based on writings by local horror author Anton Grasso, with whom, Alin really enjoyed collaborating. These horrors are exciting 30 minuters full of twists and audience manipulation – yet it the meantime the audience is treated to the beauty of various Maltese settings of historical buildings, churches and landscapes. Both ‘Il-Pupu’ and ‘The Empty Bed’ will be released this October.

Karl Alin enjoys working through the basic stages of filmography; script-writing, shooting, editing, and music. In most cases, he lets himself get inspired by the emotions and sensations of a music score before the actual storyline is defined.

“Oddly enough, the bud of my ideas are initiated by music. Therefore, one may say I’m an outcast to the norm of filmography.”

In applying his technical baggage and beliefs, he’s not afraid to risk and that is what makes Karl Alin Pictures; understanding what feelings the audience would relate with and indulge into.

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