Climate Change in Colours

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Following the success story of his project ‘Putting Colour into The Streets’, artist James Micallef Grimaud has been called on to deliver an interesting workshop around environmental awareness and climate change, for students at St Edward’s College in Birgu (Vittoriosa).

Ms Samantha Abela – Art and History teacher at the College got in touch with redwhite to recount the experience which saw all parts contributing for the creation of one large art piece titled ‘Climate Change in Colours’.

James Micallef Grimaud together with his collaborator Ceasar, introduced students to the art of graffiti spray painting and in the process the students were asked to think and visually interpret causes, manifestations and effects of climate change together with solutions that could help improve the climate, both in a local and a planetary context.

“It is very difficult to define what is causing climate change and what are all the effects of such changes, however, as students we believe that by taking action and improve on some of our daily habits, we can still make a distinctive contribution to the cause.”

The final mural involved thirty students from the young age of 10 up to sixth form students. It measures around 3.5 × 2.5 metres.

“The aim is for our art piece to be a platform for discussion about climate change. Such discussion should not be limited to our college but expanded through media onto the whole nation – that is one major ambition of the Eko-Skola Committee.” said Ms Abela.

The activity was part of the HSBC Climate Change Initiative Project (A joint project between HSBC, Nature Trust Malta, FEE and Eko Schools).

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