Documentation of Space

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Winterlights and City Leftovers are two short movies created by Karl Camilleri and Stephanie Galea respectively for a credit within the Faculty of the Built Environment at the University of Malta. Lectured by artist, writer and researcher John Grech, students were asked to document an experience through a space they identify. While expected to document and represent their experience in an original innovative work of their own, they could apply the theories about space they had encountered during the course.

Karl Camilleri – Winterlights

Camilleri’s Winterlights is set up in Sarentino, a small village in the alps bordering Austria and Italy. During his Christmas skiing vacation Karl noticed how the place transformed itself into a calm place at sunset and found that quite surprising considering the peak skiing season. During the day, instead, you would get lots of people in their ski gear making their way up the mountain slopes.

“All this prompted me to document this space at night using my Canon 550d camera; I used close up shots and tried to capture those particular elements which made this space interesting. I also integrated the subtle sounds to create some sort of musicality in the footage. The title Winterlights refers to the only element which seemed to highlight the presence of life in this village during a cold winter night.”

Stephanie Galea – City Leftovers

City Leftovers is the visual documentation of a space located in Valletta, originated and directed by Stephanie Galea.

The location is recounted through a series of shots which reflect both the stillness of the present and the speed through which the place had become deserted. Emotions are experienced through the eyes of the protagonist as she goes around the empty spaces. The soundtrack, worked in collaboration with Hagen Ebejer, enhances the eerie experience through a play of sounds, voices and noises.

Another presentation worth a mention is Daniel Zammit’s “From A to B” which recounts a common journey from one place to another in slightly particular perspectives.