Every Picture Tells a Story

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“We were asked to create a photographic story out of four images,” he starts. For Julian, this saw the start of another story—one which involves his camera.

Before enrolling in Architectural Studies at the University of Malta, Julian had never tried his hand at photography. He didn’t even own a camera. “I begged my mother to buy me an SLR,” he confessed.

Citing Alex Stoddard as one of his early inspirations, Julian started shooting self-portraiture and experimenting with different styles until he bought his first lens.

2011 saw the start of a very ambitious project, one which seems to have caught up with photographers around the globe. As the name suggests, the 365 challenge requires to take a photo every day for a whole year. Unfortunately, this challenge might have been too ambitious for a 20 year old student, but instead of giving up, he’s given the project a new twist. By taking a photo every weekend, the 365 challenge has now become the 52 week challenge. Albeit in its early stages, with photos being uploaded on his flickr account every week, the project has received some well deserved positive feedback from fellow photographers.

Still in his second year of Architectural Studies, Julian doesn’t rule out the idea of becoming a professional photographer once he finishes his studies. His next step though, is to finish the 52-week challenge, and eventually getting into fashion photography.

Julian Vassallo on flickr.

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