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This year I was teaching Interactive Design to the BA Hons Graphics & Interactive Media students and Fine Art Digital Applications to the BA Fine Arts students. Here is a video featuring some of the works produced by my students during the Spring Semester.

The video starts off with a selection of works from the BA Graphics & Interactive media students who were requested to produce a game with a new concept that provides some kind of real life reward to the user.

Students took a varied approach towards the module, however it was interesting to notice that most groups took a step back from the generic computer / console game and instead started exploring community-based and outdoor gaming. The great thing about this module was to see students coming up with creative ways of how to reward the user; these ranged from interactive and customised free drinks, mp3s and concerts, to a combination of skill, knowledge and a quirky match-making social game.

The second part of the video shows projections from the BA Fine Art students who produced work under the title of “Prevent, Provoke, Parade”. This unit was designed to go hand in hand with another Fine Art unit, where a more traditional work had to be presented. Each student re-interpreted a title through an amalgamation of traditional and digital work most of which was a product of continuous alternation between traditional media and deconstruction of digital software and experimentation.

music:  |  student presentations filmed by Eleonora Abela


0:11 – Bar Next Door
Adrian Gauci, Rebecca Bullock, Matthew Zammit Cordina, Matthew Vella, Jean Mark Zerafa and Paula Anastasi

1:03 – Flying Bei
Julian Bonello, Kurt Micallef, Rosanna Farrugia, Francesco Dimech, Keith Spiteri and Clint Galea

1:23 – Off the Wall
Melanie Grech, Marie Jo Scicluna, Rachel Galea, Rosanne Alltarhouni Borg, Roberta Vella and Mark Julian Borg

1:37 – Vain
Francesca Borg, Emma Scudamore, Andre Gialanze, Maurizio Cortis, Jeremy Azzopardi and Berthrand Pisani

1:53 – Overdrive
Claudio Micallef, Mark Axiaq, Stefan Von Brockdorff and Roderick Galea

1:59 – The Tyrannical Apple
Amanda Muscat, Julian Carter and Alexia Curmi

2:16 – Prevent, Provoke, Parade
Sarah Maria Scicluna – right – Kathleen Calleja – Provoke

3:36 – Prevent, Provoke, Parade
Mariam De Giorgio

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