Penelope and Pandolfino

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Penelope: Dust in Our Awakened Dreams – is the name for the forthcoming solo dance theatre performance by the rubberbodies collective created in collaboration with dance artist Athanasia Kanellopoulou. With mastermind Matthew Pandolfino as visual artist, producing the props and costumes, this awaited performance promises to be an important attraction for theatre enthusiasts in general but also a visual experience for those with a keen eye.

Pandolfino identifies his spark to mechanics and tools back in his father’s garage where he found ample creative space where to destroy and re-create his toys and tools.

Keen about any form of art from a very young age, he followed courses that made him widen his knowledge in technical and creative knowledge. He admits he was never good in academic work and had very short attention span in class.

“I only found out I was dyslexic when I moved to UK to study Contemporary Fine Arts. I was studying at Dartington College of Art where I was creating mostly installations, kinetic sculptures and working collaboratively with other artists from different disciplines. After graduating, I returned to Malta and continued developing my ideas, this time through performance within the rubberbodies collective”

Matthew’s collaboration with the collective have mainly involved the creation of props and costumes. Ideas and concepts are discussed from concept till that very day of performance.

“We decide collectively what objects, mechanics and visual effects the performance requires, doing our utmost to have a purpose for every detail where texture, colour and material become crucial elements for the success of a production.

We try to understand how the objects will function within the space of the performance when they no longer are inanimate but take a distinct life.”

The second project for Matthew is a silent electronic concert in Ħaġar Qim Temples, a collaboration between Mario Sammut aka Cygna and French composer and sound designer Aes Dana. For this project, he will be designing and building the stage set.

“I inspire myself as I go along. I have been collecting forks, spoons, chairs, wheels, motors, sewing machines, pieces of wood and metal, and various other objects some of which, i believe, will inspire my future creations. Meanwhile, I keep working within the rubberbodies collective as discussions on a summer performance project have already begun!”

Penelope: Dust of our Awakened Dream is being held on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 March starting at 8pm at MITP, St Christopher Street, Valletta. Tickets from here.

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