Lanificio F.lli Cerruti – The soul of fashion

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Communicating elegance is a challenge that incorporates something epic and transcendent, especially if it is intertwined with a long history. Peperosa visual design, an Italian visual communications agency in Biella, was invited to design a major project for Lanificio Cerruti, a brochure – created for a foreign market – which narrates the soul of fashion. Peperosa is made of Sara Bocchini, Tessa Cerruti, Marie Louise Denti and Maltese Corinne Cutajar, who also contributes for redwhite.

The concept of Peperosa visual design kick-started with the choice of a different format size that communicates immediately the importance and prestige of the Lanificio. The cover, a Splendorlux Versus Black board by Fedigroni, represents Cerruti’s style thanks to the fine finishes, silk-screen printed logo, black canvas binding and UV laminated paper.

The inside pages, 100gsm Premium White paper by Fedigroni, unfold using keywords reflecting Cerruti’s textiles: land, family, fashion, film, art, design and production. The collections are showcased through unique illustrations by Massimiliano Frezzato, an internationally renown artist, who managed to capture and create a dialogue between past-present-future. Many photographic pictures, retrieved from Lanificio’s historical archive, were used in single and double-page spreads creating a rhythm reminiscent of film editing.

A sophisticated and refined graphic piece which plays on black and white contrasts, making  Lanificio F.lli Cerruti brochure a precious piece of great elegance.

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