Preface of a Genesis

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Will the Mayan apocalyptic prophecies prove valid? Will the world end in a few months? ‘Preface’ – an installation collective by seven B.Ed Art students at the University of Malta delves into these questions and provide a modern take to possible answers.

Under the tuition of Mr Raphael Vella, students researched and reflected about beginnings and endings with special reference to the creation story as recounted in the Book of Genesis. Each of them associated the work with a respective day of creation and thought of the idyllic reinterpretation of the same, in our present days. The creation of nature and animal creatures, were, for instance, associated with global environmental issues. Ramona Borg, one of the participants told us:

“My work was inspired by the second day of creation; when God created the seas and the skies. I decided to reinterpret this through a conceptual array made of steel and paint.

Installation art is sometimes not easily digested by the general public and so i wonder whether my message comes through as effective as when i use other mediums. Yet, this was one special experience involving a personal challenge which makes me commit myself into the arts and hopefully to exhibit more personal works in the future.”

Following the conceptual and research process, students documented their works through photographs, drawings, videos and smaller prototypes. Zvetlana Magro highlighted the fact that this experience gave her, as a student, the chance to really appreciate the work behind such a project. Christabel Vella told us about the idea behind her execution:

“My work is intended to raise awareness at how we get completely alienated from nature and the study of the cosmos through our constant involvement in a consumerist culture. I believe in an art that questions such important issues related to media or politics, whilst reaching out to popular culture.”

The final products made of various materials into various scales and shapes, were constructed at the basement of the Auberge d’Italie – which will soon house the Museum of Fine Arts – and displayed in various locations at the University campus between May 23 and the June 11.

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