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I wouldn’t mind having a music/gig poster of a band hanging in my room or studio. It’s been quite a while now, since I began noticing some great posters being designed locally to promote music bands and events. I mean, no crappy typefaces or crappy designs but well-crafted executions.

Illustrative posters that represent an idea in a graphic language are my favourites. My admiration goes to masterpieces by Mucha and Toulouse-Lautrec, Milton Glaser’s famous Bob Dylan’s poster and art movements which prompted the art of poster design; Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and De Stijl to name a few.

Local music bands have a growing number of poster art that you might not want to throw away once the event is over – although they are sometimes overlooked. Such posters do highlight some excellent graphic designers in Malta. Moira Zahra, who was commissioned with such works herself, says:

“Gigs have really creative posters because they are usually made by people from the gig crowd for free, and as such, they are made with love. You do sometimes see just a huge line up with a couple of default designs on the sides, however the trend at the moment is to try and have an interesting poster/flyer.”

More event organisers are now realising the crucial marketing potential which a poster has, and are ready to pay for the professional creative service.

Although printed posters are less common in the local scenario, social networking has given the poster a new purpose in the digital realm. A great example of effective marketing through poster design is Squadron’s strategy – the group dedicated much energy on the effectiveness of their visuals. Though we can’t conclude that Karl Attard, the director of Squadron, (a graphic designer himself) started this trend, i do believe Squadron’s poster designs were a major contributor to the cause.

Here is a collection of such posters. I wish to point out the varied use of typography and illustration techniques, the latter ranging from the highly rendered to the sketch-like finish. Such variants make this art unpredictable, thus giving it versatility for further exploration.

'Le Rose' and Errormantics by Mark Scicluna

'Monoculture' by Moira Zahra and Stolen Creep by Roxanne Gatt.

Homesongs Vol. 31 & 36 by Adrian Gauci

No Snow No Alps by 'hot shoe flash' (Sarah from nosnow/noalps) and the Big Brand Brothers by Jimmy Grima.

The Jazz Festival Poster by Jimmy Grima and Squadron and DonDisko's 'A Night With' series by Karl Attard.

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