Merry-go-round in Larnaka Airport

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Vince Briffa and Liliana Fleri Soler are the two Maltese artists whom, together with Klitsa Antoniou and Theodoulos Gregoriou from Cyprus and Dimitris Alithinos and

Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire

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‘Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire’ with the sub-title ‘drawing from movies’, together with a collection of artworks, is the outcome of a collaborated Book-Art Project between

Afghan Girl in Valletta

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It would have been a shame not visiting the great collection of images by Steve McCurry at St James Cavalier. Universally tagged as one of

Preface of a Genesis

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Will the Mayan apocalyptic prophecies prove valid? Will the world end in a few months? ‘Preface’ – an installation collective by seven B.Ed Art students

Climate Change in Colours

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Following the success story of his project ‘Putting Colour into The Streets’, artist James Micallef Grimaud has been called on to deliver an interesting workshop


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In his novel, ‘The Alchemist’, author Paulo Coelho recounts the meeting between little Santiago and the old wise man who suggests that “In order to

Platinum Plus fashion seminars

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Platinum Plus, a venture blooming out of Platinum Love Magazine, is a fashion education initiative, launched this year with the support of INVEX. This summer,

A Two-Sided Unni Askeland

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Unni Askeland‘s ‘Friezed’ was showcased at the National Museum of Fine Arts between January 14 and March 28. Occupying the loggia, were two sets of