On faith and humanity

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Back in May, writer and artist Kenneth Zammit Tabona ended one of his Times of Malta contributions by stating that “Mattia Preti was to Valletta

A fascinating ‘Desk’

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I tend to be criticized for being quite the cynic. Today, I’ve come to realize cynicism pays off. It fuels my otherwise mediocre spirit, when

Interview: Martin Bonnici

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The obsession was unveiled back in July 18 but Martin Bonnici has been dealing with his 3d movie making syndrome for quite a number of

A Word for Short Films

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When only six days remain until the end of the year, conflicting emotions appear on different individuals. December 25 – whilst many celebrate Christmas Day

Fishing in a Black Sea

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Sajda and Black Sea are the two distinct self-curated projects by Nigel Baldacchino and Adrian Abela, currently sharing the upper galleries at St James Cavalier.

Documentation of Space

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Winterlights and City Leftovers are two short movies created by Karl Camilleri and Stephanie Galea respectively for a credit within the Faculty of the Built

In a Hurry

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Maybe it’s because they describe themselves as “a restless indie folk band”, the reason why director Rebecca Cremona came up with the concept for the

Student Spotlight: Andrea Meli

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During the last MCAST Art & Design end of year exhibition held last June, Marie Claire Cremona, REDWHITEmt ‘s latest addition to the team of