Pawlu Mizzi


Well. I consider myself to be an idealist, in love with dreams, philosophy, music, common people and anything or anyone that challenges the norm.

I don’t spend much time talking about art and design when i meet people. Instead, i tend to indulge into any kind of discourse which excites my passions or my humor. Tberfil is my personal blog on which i drop any salient thoughts.

A daysleeper by nature, i’m a big fan of my homecity Valletta, winter, writing, two-dimensional graphics, football and futsal. My biggest passion is getting involved in projects and events.

In the past 10 years i’ve run various projects such as JFT, FMS, HELP! and FUSION for ĊAMYouths and co-founded AC Trampi Futsal Club and the Alternative Malta music community which represents Malta at the Europavox Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France. I’ve also had the opportunity to exhibit my artistic works in digital graphics through a number of exhibitions.

Changes are a necessity in my lifestyle. Switching my workplaces helped me experience different professional approaches and get to know loads of people who all contributed to my knowledge. Gladly i’ve worked for Lino Bianco & Associates, Scancraft Studios, the Translations Unit of the Acquis Communitaire, BMS Limited, Media.Link, Ogilvy Malta, Allied Group (The Times of Malta), The National Euro Changeover Committee and JP Advertising.

More recently, I’ve started a prep year for a Masters in Arts & Digital Media at the University of Malta.

Gabriel Bajada


Gabriel is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. In the course of his career, he has specialised in branding, advertising, illustration, typography and editorial. Gabriel works energetically, with a strategic, creative approach, giving each project the time and attention it deserves.

With the arrival of new media, Gabriel was enticed to venture into web design and multimedia. This enabled him to give a more holistic approach to clients, creating both their printed requirements, and also being able to offer digital solutions.

Whilst working with some of Malta’s leading agencies (presently employed at JP Advertising), Gabriel had the chance to handle some top brands, including; GO, IdeaCasa, McDonald’s, Middlesea Insurance, Middlesea Valletta Life and Nestle.

Clint Tabone

Portfolio & Blog

I am currently employed by EC English Language Centres, and no, I’m not an English teacher (language schools need designers too!) At EC, I’m responsible for almost anything that is related to web design, from front-end development to Drupal theming, interface design to split testing, and more.

Starting off in print, I have slowly moved on to web design in the past three years. During this time, I’ve grown a passion for usability and a love for typography.

I mostly work on web-based applications and user interfaces but I also dabble in brand identity, print design and a bit of illustration. Whenever I’m not at the office or too busy dealing with client work, I enjoy spending some time experimenting with new design techniques, creating some design freebies to put up on my download page for fellow designers to use in their work, writing on my Blog or share thoughts and ideas on my journal.

In an attempt to rid the world of evil typography I started my own type side project, which is still in its infancy. Type Crime is a collection of typographic errors found in the wild, using each featured post as a typographic lesson.

As of January 2012 I joined the great team at redwhite as a contributor, web designer and everything in between.

Istivan (Ska) Spiteri

Howdy? I’m Ska. On my passport it says “Istivan” but everyone’s been calling me Ska for so long, it kinda grew on me. Well, well, I’m a dreamer, a writer, a realist. I’m a firm believing in dreaming and not just stopping there, but grabbing those dreams by the horns and wrenching them into reality.

From an early age I was an avid reader. I basically quit TV when I discovered books. Always entranced by the skill of the writer, I’m currently working on honing myself into that profession.

My influences include my travels (the various people and experiences one meets while travelling is flabbergasting), music, and of course various books. And of course the people. Friends, family, colleagues – after all what’s life without the people around us?

I am fascinated by languages, the nuances and similarities between them and most of all the sayings (proverbs, idioms, common expressions) as these reflect the living aspect of a language and betray any pretext of puritanism. We are, after all, humans and languages reflect that humanity.

Moira Zahra

Moira teaches Graphic Design and Interactive Media at MCAST Art and Design. Her favourite medium to work with is a mixture of digital and traditional line illustration, however most of time she combines this with other media such as animation and film. Moira’s works tend to indicate a fascination with the battle (or the combination) of art, design and technology. This is also reflected in her academic history which started from an HND in Graphic Design with MCAST, followed by a BSc in Multimedia, Technology and Design with the University of Kent, and an ongoing MA in Digital Art with Camberwell College of the Arts in London.

Although she does sit at her computer for many hours; working, social-networking, blogging and just general time wasting, Moira also enjoys travelling, cooking, eating, reading, attending gigs and festivals, shopping, watching films, and of course going to the beach, BBQing and partying.

Enrique’ Tabone


Specializing in contemporary jewellery, inspired from her original and personal expression, designed in exquisite artistic creations through a combination of beautiful workmanship with different materials, social trends, beliefs and contemporary fashion.

Enchanted by the beauty of the art created when passionately combining different materials and good techniques, Enrique’ designs comfortable installations and wearable art.

Creations that have already been enjoyed by many and displayed in numerous publications including “shell” bookazine and various other local and foreign magazines. Enrique’ has featured in several specialized photo shoots and been showcased in art exhibitions and festivals.

Marie Claire Cremona

Blog, Behance

Marie Claire recently finished her degree in Graphic Design & Interactive Media at the Mcast Art & Design. Her early passion towards arts led her to an interesting hobby and even to an A’level in art. She wanted to continue studying and to engage her passion for art, creativity and graphical communication. This opened the path for a career in graphic design.

Having studied and worked on various projects, her preferred areas are corporate identity, editorial, conceptual design and advertising. In her work she loves to include and work with typography, raw materials and hand made stuff.

She believes a lot in brainstorming, idea generation, and clean design, along with ideas that work and that communicate the concept. She also likes painting; music; shopping; spontaneous, abstract and street life photography; design blogs; voluntary work and travelling.

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